Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Home Paints

As mentioned previously, consider light when choosing colors. Consider that the selected color will appear lighter in the southern room and darker in the northern room.

Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Buy a can of paint in advance and do a color test. In the great fear of failure, sometimes a very cool and unique tone that you really like is left unselected. Before painting, be careful and tape the ceiling edge, floor and adjacent walls.

There are special films with a tape strip to cover the floor, but it is smart to use a fabric on top of them, for example an old bed sheet, which does not hurt to get dirty.

If the paint should drip, the cloth will absorb it, and the probability that you will step on the paint that has fallen unnoticed and accidentally transfer it to the clean floor surface in another room is less.

When painting, pay special attention to the corners and make sure that all places are beautifully covered with paint.

After painting the edges of the ceiling and more difficult areas with a brush, these areas should be repainted with a paint roller as close to the edge as possible to prevent brush marks from showing through.

When painting the edges, the paint roller holder should not be pushed all the way through the paint roller. It would be good if the end of the holder was 1-2 cm inside the paint roller. This way you avoid scratching the surfaces with the end of the roll holder.

It is definitely worth investing in a good roller and brush and not grabbing the cheapest one, whose hairs and lint are extremely troublesome to pick out from inside the wet paint layer.