Consider The Light

Light is what you can’t do without in interior design. Paints absorb and reflect light, changing the colors in your home throughout the day.

You can choose the most appropriate color in daylight — the rest of the time, your room will have shades of that color, depending on the weather and the time of year.

A good recommendation is to choose colder and paler colors for the sunny room and warmer colors for the northern room. Different light can change the color shade significantly.

For example, indigo blue can be bluer in one room and red in another room. Be sure to keep this in mind when choosing colors.

A room facing the sun adds warmer nuances to the color, a room facing the north makes the color darker, and it is more reasonable to use a shade one step lighter than planned.

If you are in doubt about the color choice, it is best to ask for advice from a color specialist, who will already familiarize you with everything.

Take your time and don’t rush, wait for the right light, match and then make a choice.

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