Color Psychology of Teal Color

Is teal on your list of favorite colors? Or, are you planning to use teal in decorating your interiors?

This article is for you.

Let me tell you about the color psychology of teal color.

A little hint: if teal is your favorite color, it says something about your personality! Read on!

But first things first.

What Color is Teal?

Teal is a combination of blue and green, just like cyan and turquoise.

The difference is that teal is darker than cyan and turquoise.

It’s prepared by mixing green and blue pigments using a white base.

The Meaning of Teal Color

According to a survey conducted by Singulart, blue and green are America’s favorite colors. Teal comes right between the two.

But what does this color really mean/signify?

Teal Denotes Mental and Spiritual Balance

In the words of Holly Engelhart, the Radiance Mindset graphic design coach, teal is the “color of restfulness, mental and spiritual balance”.

The color is mostly found in nature, including crystals. These natural elements are often linked to soul-searching, meditation and spirituality.

Because of this, teal has a mysterious ability to wade away fear and worry.

Teal Denotes Originality

Talk of a unique color, teal is it.

It doesn’t attempt to blend in with any other color, nor does it scream for unnecessary attention like orange, green or red.

It has a natural dignity that’s not contrived nor is it intrusive.

It’s more like a unique lone wolf that’s very objective at keeping its individuality.

Teal Symbolizes Relaxation

According to Rosa Cook, a home décor and interior design expert, teal is a relaxing/calming color tone.

Thanks to the fair amount of blue in it.

Because it looks just like the tropical oceans, it triggers emotions just like those you’d experience on a luxurious, out-of-this-world beach vacation.

Especially when you’re surrounded by teal on all four walls.

Teal Signifies Cleanliness and Morality

Jacob Olesen, the founder of Color Meanings, calls teal the color of morality.

The same way it denotes clarity of thought, it’s also a representation of morality.

Something that’s clean and elegant.

Teal is the Symbol of Natural Femininity

My mind goes back to the iconic teal fins of Arielle, the mermaid in The Little Mermaid.

It’s more like a free-flowing natural beauty that’s also very powerful – yet deceptive in some way.

What is femininity really about? It’s about beauty and …. I think I should end it there. I don’t wanna start battles here…

Teal is a Healing Color

Bruna, the creative soul behind Colors Explained, identifies teal as one of the healing colors.

It’s one of those colors that alter moods and stimulate the generation of red blood cells.

Did you know that teal also boosts immunity?

Now that we know the real meaning of the color teal, does it have any correlation with personality? Read on!

What Does Teal Tell Us About Individual Personalities?

Hey, teal lovers! I’m here to spill your little secrets…

Teal Gives the Impression of Introversion

Teal doesn’t scream for attention. It’s comfortable in its own corner.

Introverts are comfortable focusing on their own thoughts and ideas, ignoring the external crowd seeking their attention. That’s exactly what teal does.

And so, a person that loves teal is most likely an introvert.

People that Love Teal Are Unique and Unconventional

A person that loves teal appreciates things that are unique and different from the rest.
They’re comfortable in their own space, aware of their uniqueness and feel no need of fitting in the crowd.

Teal Lovers Are Open Minded

Teal gives clarity of thought, denoting mental and spiritual balance.
Because of this, teal lovers are perceived to be very rational, not quick to judge.
They’re open-minded, hence more likely to make well thought-out decisions.

Teal Lovers Are Practical Thinkers

They’ve got no tolerance for irrationality and bias. Practicality is the way to go.
And so, teal lovers are also more creative than their peers.

Teal Lovers Are Cautious

Teal is not the color for people who throw caution to the wind.

It’s a cautious, intuitive color that sees no need of taking unnecessary risks.

As such, teal lovers think before they act.

Now, let’s combine all these attributes of this amazing color and find out, how can we incorporate it in our homes?

Which Rooms Are Best Painted Teal?

According to color psychology expert Karen Haller, teal is the color to run to when you want to relax and unwind after a hectic busy day.
Because of this, it’s ideal for the living room, bedrooms or library space.

I’d also consider it for the bathroom to create that rejuvenating feel – similar to the one in the spa.

What’s the Origin of the Name “Teal”?

This amazing color took its name in the early 1900s when people referred to the color of a small freshwater duck called the Eurasian teal.
The duck has bluish-green stripes running from the eyes to the back of the head.

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