8 Blue Lace Paint Color Combinations for Living Rooms

Are you looking for blue lace paint color combinations for living rooms? We’ve got you covered.

This subtle light blue color with an ample gray touch evokes a softness and coziness that’s very unique. Contemporary but still vintage.

Here’s how to pair blue lace to have a living room with that designer look. One that’s cozy, unique and screams for envy.

Pair Blue Lace with Oxford White

Oxford white (other people call it White Heron) is a clean white paint with somewhat warm undertones. It has a mix of marble and gray undertones.

According to design professional and color enthusiast Maria Killam, pure white walls are not only boring for most spaces, but also make the living room cold and unwelcoming.

A mix of blue lace and Oxford white is a balance that keeps the room bright and welcoming.

How about having blue lace as the dominant color, then having an Oxford white accent wall? Or the other way round.

The trick is to paint the window bars and fireplace using the accent color.

Pair Blue Lace with Silver Gray

A soft, pastel blue with gray undertones is an ideal pair for blue lace. It adds a contemporary charm to your living room.
However, it’s good to mention that this combination works well for a living room with a lot of natural light.
Otherwise, for the north-facing room, blue lace and silver gray is not the way to go. The room will look darker and smaller.

Pair Blue Lace with Bluish Gray

How about layering tones of blue in your living room?

It creates a sophisticated but cozy feel, especially if you strike the balance between the dominant color and the accent color.

Go for blue lace on the walls and then accessorize with bluish gray as an accent.

Keep the ceiling white to ensure the blue is not watered down.

Pair Blue Lace with Hale Navy

Hale navy complements almost any color scheme of design. Be it contemporary or traditional, or anything in between.

The deep gray undertones combined with the blue lace create a room that’s not too bright, neither too dull. It has that refined, bubbly appearance that goes with any design style.

Keep the ceiling white to ensure the blue colors remain saturated.

Pair Blue Lace with Pastel Green

A combination of blue lace and pastel green makes for a bright, fresh and serene space.

Pastel green would be ideal for the accent wall.

To neutralize the cool colors, incorporate yellow on the fireplace or around the window. Better still, go for yellow curtains.

By the way, home improvement and interior design expert Deirdre Sullivan vouches for adding color to the ceilings. How about painting the ceiling yellow?

Pair Blue Lace with Red

Have you thought of going red and blue lace?

Red is a warm color, so pairing it with blue lace will make a rather contrasting look, but still unique.

Try pastel red or India red. Go for textured red paint on the accent wall for that urban design.

Pair Blue Lace, Yellow and Sky Blue

This is majestic!

Paint the walls blue lace, then accent it with sky blue on the wall with the fireplace.

Proceed to accessorize with sunny yellow.

For instance, the curtains or the fireplace should go yellow.

The yellow and blue will contrast each other, but the room will look bright and cozy.

Can I Paint Blue Lace in the Kitchen?


Blue lace would go so well in the kitchen.

Especially if paired with deeper shades of blue.

For instance, have the walls painted blue lace, have all the cabinets painted a deeper blue shade.

Ocean blue, sky blue or even navy blue are good options to combine with blue lace in the kitchen.

Another option is pairing blue lace with pastel green.

Go for blue lace on the walls and pastel greens on all the cabinets.